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International Journal for Multi-DISciplinary Engineering and Business Management
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Manuscript Format
The manuscripts should clearly describe new and carefully confirmed results and experimental procedure which should be given in required details for others to verify the work. For proper referring and fast publication all manuscript should be grammatically correct.

Manuscripts will be subjected to peer review process to determine their suitability for publication provided they fulfill the requirements of the journal as laid out in the instructions to authors. After the review, manuscripts will be returned for revision along with reviewer's and/or editor's comments. Prepare the manuscript in Times New Roman font using a font size of 10. There shall not be any decorative borders anywhere in the text including the title page.

The manuscript should be prepared in English using "MS Word" with the specified IJMDEBM double column format. "Times New Roman" Font should be used. All research manuscript should be typed single spaced and should have the following sections: Title page, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Future Scope, and References.

Author can send the manuscript -

The research manuscript should contain minimum 4 pages to maximum of 8 pages.

After acceptance, all manuscript must be submitted in prescribed IJMDEBM A4 Double Column Format.

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Email the Final Formatted Paper and Copyright Form duly signed
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