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International Journal for Multi-DISciplinary Engineering and Business Management
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Welcome to International Journal for Multi-Disciplinary Engineering & Business Management
IJMDEBM is an open access online multi-disciplinary research journal. IJMDEBM is an International online Journal in english published quarterly for scientists, Engineers and Research Scholars involved in Engineering and Management to publish high quality and refereed papers. IJMDEBM makes readers aware of the changes happening in higher education and society as well as research. Our journal helps in providing a convenient, reliable as well as cost effective solution of processing and delivering the publication to the quick reach of our readers. Manuscripts for publication in IJMDEBM from all parts of the world are selected through rigorous peer review to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability. The main aim of IJMDEBM is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles in rapidly developing field of Engineering and Management. IJMDEBM is an online journal having full access to the research and review paper.

IJMDEBM accepts research and review manuscript in Multi-Disciplinary Engineering and Business Management. All manuscripts are subjected to peer review process and would be published without any delay in subsequent issue. Online submission of the manuscript is strongly recommended.

Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not under consideration for publication with other journals. If copyrighted material is used, the author should obtain the necessary copyright release and submit it along with the manuscript. All papers will be acknowledged and refereed. The review process is double-blind; that is, the reviewer does not know who the manuscript author(s) is and the author(s) does not know who has reviewed the manuscript.

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IJMDEBM is published quarterly means 4 issues per year.

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